Thawe Jangal (Thawe Park) Thawe, Gopalganj,Bihar

Thawe Jangal , Thawe Park is around Thawe Temple which is famous for Maa Durga and Rahasu Bhakt who is worshiper of God durga. Here people come from very far distance in Ram Navami and Deshehra to celebrate the festivals and visit the beauty and greenery of the Thawe Jangal and Thawe Park

Please visit once if you visit thawe mandir.

Map Address,84.39442979,83.24341025a,572.53982724d,35y,-44.38863983h,44.97214295t,-0r/data=CkkaRxI_CiQweDM5OTMwNGY2NzU1YTMwMzM6MHg4NzdjYTAwYzcxYjgxZDYZYIAz589vOkAhkQB_QocZVUAqBVRoYXdlGAEgASgC

Thawe Jangal Thawe Park
Thawe Jangal Thawe Park

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