Rayagada- Kasipur Range (Eastern Ghat) in Odisha

Rayagada- Kasipur Range (Eastern Ghat) in Odisha is very rich in natural beauty and peaceful environment.

There are many species of trees and birds, can be noticed here which are rare. It is very prosperous in we wildlife.

Barttibali is nearby place.

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Map address,83.18843755,628.54273785a,1957.71094901d,35y,44.6202163h,59.82754584t,0r/data=CmsaaRJhCiUweDNhM2IzNWJjMGY2Njk3ZmI6MHhmNWZmMzUxN2Q2N2MyY2Q0Gc2LjAKxXjNAIQQt0ALty1RAKiZSYXlhZ2FkYS1LYXNpcHVyClJhbmdlIChFYXN0ZXJuCkdoYXRzKRgCIAEoAg

Rayagada- Kasipur Range

Rayagada- Kasipur Range

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