Ramkola(Ramkola Mandir), Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh

Ramkola(Ramkola Mandir) is very famous place in Kushinagar Uttar Pardesh zone. It is nestled in Ramkola village which is one of first considered village of India after freedom. Ramkola(Ramkola Mandir) is also famous for Bhagwat Katha and Vishwa Darshan mandir near kasiya road balua chauraha.

The place is beautified with green gardens which surrounds it. Here is Anusaiya Temple as well.

There are many nearby temple, some are Hindu temple and Shree Jai Durga Acharya Temple.

The belief and worship both are indulged in every part of this beautiful place.

It is emerging tourist spot in India.


Map address,83.83411944,90.61717754a,698.80369359d,35y,-14.96977683h,59.9981995t,0r/data=ClEaTxJHCiUweDM5OTNmMTc3Y2FjOWQ2Zjc6MHgxZGQ4Y2I0NWRmZmFlYmY0GeKdMu1R5jpAIbcEheZf9VRAKgxSYW1rb2xhIERoYW0YAiABKAI

Ramkola Dham

Ramkola Dham

                                               Ramkola Dham

Ramkola Dham

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