Patratu Valley Viewpoint And Patratu Dam Reservoir

Patratu Valley Viewpoint And Patratu Dam Reservoir, Jharkhand are very well known places in the locals. It attracts thousands of people every year and weekend attracts more gathering.

The places have very mesmerizing sights to get indulged in the nature.

They are emerging places for tourism.


Map address,85.30228966,407.11062898a,6622.71087314d,35y,32.45575965h,59.80634585t,360r/data=CrUBGrIBEqkBCiUweDM5ZjRlYTEwMWZhZDc2NmI6MHgyNTE3ZDU5YTM5Yjc3OGU5GVt8UU0enDdAIeqXfukXUlVAKm5QYXRyYXR1IERhbSBTaWRlCkJvYXRpbmcgUGxhY2UK4KSq4KSk4KSw4KS-4KSk4KWCIOCkoeCliOCkriDgpLjgpL7gpIfgpKEK4KSs4KWL4KSF4KSk4KS_4KSC4KSXIOCkquCljeCksuClh-CkuBgCIAEoAg

Patratu Valley Viewpoint

Patratu Valley Viewpoint

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