Ghaghra River Dam, Indo Nepal Border

Ghaghra River Dam is nestled near Indo Nepal border in the lower Himalayas. The government regulates water flow and maintain the water scarcity. Nearby places are Tyagi Baba Mandir and Chahalwa. #ghaghrariver #water Map address,81.08695387,135.54774813a,11793.66147426d,35y,-10.85093477h,59.34724812t,0r

Raj Bhawan, Patna, Bihar

Raj Bhawan is located in Patna City, Bihar. Its horticulture and architecture make it amazing and beautiful. There are two grounds grabs more mesmerizing views. #beautyfull Map address,85.10331085,60.7504183a,311.81125727d,35y,49.25630931h,63.93712423t,0r/data=CmIaYBJYCiUweDM5ZWQ1N2Y0NDViM2ExYmY6MHgyZjZhOGVhY2U1NDQ0MGE0GcZ-p4fRmTlAIWMndmKZRlVAKh1SYWogQmhhdmFuCuCksOCkvuCknOCkreCkteCkqBgBIAEoAg