Niyamagiri Range National Park in Odisha

Niyamagiri Range National Park is nestled in Odisha and is very famous place in local circles.

There are many rare varieties of trees and birds are found here which make it more amazing and beautiful.

It’s an emerging place for tourism…

You should come here if you are nearby.

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Map address,83.40680563,1049.25812614a,4331.20503835d,35y,44.69888704h,59.84599233t,0r/data=ClUaUxJLCiUweDNhMjRiMWEzNTEyZjYxOGY6MHhjZDA5ZjJiOTk3ZDYyZWVlGe2V63w1kTNAIcZO7MSe2VRAKhBOaXlhbWFnaXJpClJhbmdlGAIgASgC

Niyamagiri Range National Park

Niyamagiri Range National Park

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