Naimisaranya – A Real Ancient Place to Go

When it comes to holy and ancient place, none should never forget about Naimisaranya. This holy town is a world of almost every god and goddess along with the holy saints. Here, the traveler is not only witness the spirituality but also the cult of its forest and wildlife.

Why it is in a list of new places which will hunt the near future?

A Devotional Place – Naimisaranya holds the hundreds of holy sittings of Gods, Goddesses and Saints. From Maa Lalta Devi Temple to Hanuman Gadi, Many temples and Dhams are the source of the devotion and salvation.

Flora and Fauna – No Doubt, The beauty of the surroundings and many wild species make it this place an adventurous and emerging spot. The forest is a home of natural herbs and hundreds of trees which always make it green and attractive.
There are also many bird species found here which are rarely seen elsewhere.



The mesmerizing beauty

Landscapes – The trails, riverbanks and wild spots are also helping it gathering the adventure lovers. The jungle is covered with many wild trails in every direction. The scenery of the town is really classical and adorable.

Gomti River – None can ignore the importance of this holy river, It flows throughout the jungle and meadows. The pilgrims not only worship the river but also have a holy bath in the bank of the river. The river decorates the forest and nurtures the beauty of Naimisaranya.



The holy river Gomti.

The Holy Chakra – The place is a like a pond where the travelers bath for the salvation.

The Local People – As the people belong a place where the saints belong, naturally their behaviour is too friendly.

Therefore, we have found these beauties in this ancient and holy place Naimisaranya.

Go there once, will be an amazing journey.

Nick Names – Neemsar, Nimsar, Mishrikh etc.

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