Meditation Garden, Bodhgaya, Bihar

Meditation Garden is nestled in the spiritual city Bodhgaya, Bihar. The nature, culture, peace and socialism are the beauty of this amazing land.

Lord Buddha’ spirituality can be seen in every direction. If you come Bodhgaya, never get failed to be here…

It’s an emerging place for tourism.


Map address,84.99212245,128.36311876a,241.82573115d,35y,121.14106632h,60.00061277t,0r/data=CoABGn4SdgolMHgzOWYzMmM1YjM4MzdkMjUzOjB4Zjc3N2RkYjM5M2ZhZTM3NxlcRLjK1LE4QCFCOISDcz9VQCo7TXVjaGFsaW5kYSBQb25kCuCkruClgeCkmuCkvuCksuCkv-CkguCkpuCkviDgpKrgpYngpKjgpY3gpKEYAiABKAI

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