Maa Chandrika Devi Temple – A New Tourist Attraction

Maa Chandrika Devi Temple is a beautiful and mesmerizing place in the city of Nawab, Lucknow. The place has become an emerging tourist place in the country. Here, you find both devotion and peace in the nature aspects. The temple is surrounded with the great flora and fauna which make it more valuable.

Maa Chandrika Devi

The Lord Shiva in the Pond of Maa Chandrika Devi

The reasons why people come to Maa Chandrika Temple:

Devotion – It is a historical temple at the river bank of Gomti. People believe that the Goddess completes every wish comes from the heart of the pilgrims. There is a big importance of temple because of devotional spirit and beliefs. So, Don’t wait to meet the Maa to fulfill your true desire.

Maa Chandrika Temple

The Gate of the Temple which welcomes everyone truly

Flora And Fauna –  Maa Chandrika Devi has a outstanding natural beauty and it has a brilliant flora and fauna in the forest. The tourists find some of the rare species of birds, trees and creatures. The forest spreads near the place which gives a real sense of wildlife.

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A great eco-system which securing the nature

Gomti River – The river increases the importance of the temple and decorates the beauty of the forest as well as the temple’s pond. The banks of the river attracts pilgrims for the worship and gives an amazing glimpse of natural eco-sytem. The river almost surrounds the temple and the forest which means a great wildlife.

A Glimpse of the Pond

The Heart Attachment – Maa Chandrika Devi temple springs the spiritual peace in your body which creates a strong bond between the tourist and the place. It’s a true that the facilities and the environment both make the place very collaborative with the peace.

maa Chandrika

The temple market

As a conclusion, you should visit the beautiful place for the peace.

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How to reach –

Nearest Railway Station and Airport – Lucknow

Transportation – It is very accessible

The tourist can book any travel taxi or can reach by own cabs.

Best Days to Visit – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday And Friday because you will find lessor crowd.

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