Kaliapani Children Park , Odisha

Kaliapani Children Park is situated in Odisha and is very beautiful place for Children to enjoy the childhood.

There are many fun activities can be enjoyed and it’s natural beauty also attracts people.

You should come here if you are nearby.

It’s nearby places are Jagannath Temple, Tata Steel Hospital etc.


Map address,85.77333997,263.36528612a,2521.77157601d,35y,-23.19825072h,59.99791768t,360r/data=Cl4aXBJUCiUweDNhMTkyZDRlOWEyYzc0OTU6MHgzYTM5ZmQzMTgyOTUzM2QzGSrFj5fLCDVAIQAAAAAwcFVAKhlLYWxpYXBhbmkgQ2hpbGRyZW4ncyBQYXJrGAIgASgC

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