Jamui Hill Range- National Park in Bihar

Jamui Hill Range – National park in Bihar is very famous place in the locals and attracts many rare species of birds.

It’s wildlife is really amazing and provides many varieties of trees.

You are nearby, you should visit it once for natural beauty.

It’s nearby places are Bala Parsanda Reservoir, Lachhuar, Gahlaur, Lohra, Pira Adsar, Jajal etc.


Map address,86.06627791,209.72605798a,24147.77139303d,35y,0h,45.14751103t,-0r/data=CnkadxJvCiUweDM5ZjIzMzRkM2ExYjQxNDE6MHg3MzM2YWQwODU4NmM4MGE2GdllyJYk3ThAIS_90i-9glVAKjRKYW11aSBIaWxsClJhbmdlCuCknOCkruClgeCkiArgpLngpL_gpLIg4KSw4KWH4KSC4KScGAIgASgC


Jamui Hill Range
Jamui Hill Range
Jamui Hill Range

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