Hadhadwa Mahadev Temple And Waterfall, Gaya

Hadhadwa Mahadev Temple And Waterfall are situated in Gaya, Bihar. Here, Lord Shiva temple is much older and the Sawan month attracts more gathering. The nature is also making it more amazing place.

You will also get a Waterfall where you can enjoy your time with some beautiful memories.

It’s an emerging place for tourism.


Map address,84.98317497,137.631611a,876.70678776d,35y,121.04213117h,60.00555727t,0r/data=Cp4BGpsBEpIBCiUweDM5ZjMyYmE5OGQ4NWQwMzM6MHg4M2E0NjcyMGM2MmM5N2I4GUkvRPkuxDhAIU_sxI7tPlVAKldIYWRIYWR3YSBNYWhhZGV2CmFuZCBXYXRlcmZhbGwKSGFkSGFkd2Eg4KSu4KS54KS-4KSm4KWH4KS1CuCklOCksCDgpLXgpYngpJ_gpLDgpKvgpYngpLIYAiABKAI

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