Ghaghra River and its Basin Zones in Near Nepal and India Border

Ghaghra River and its Basin Zones are key player in nourishing agriculture industry. Here the land produces many varieties of crops just because of elixir of river water.

The basin zones like Tigla, Shirsha, Bitna, Reusa, Behra, Aorangabad, Bhartha, Bholi, Kolgarh, Advari, Ullha, Arnava, Jhala, Chorwa, Gopiya, Nanpara, Babaganj, Gulariya, Gothi, Dhadhawar, Naubasta, Kohalpur, Manikapur, Nepalganj, and Bardiya National Park etc. are very productive areas.

The confluence of Sharda river and Ghaghra river enhances the water layers.

They are rich in rural cultures.

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Map address,81.25127301,124.43145944a,26174.58385135d,35y,70.00286024h,59.45840102t,0r

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