Famous Trekking Places in Himalaya

Himalaya is the most beautiful place on this planet in terms of natural beauty, green meadows, trekking trails, wondering mountain ranges, and mesmerising flora and fauna. Thousand of the travellers across the world come here to get indulged inside this incredible mountains. Himalaya is also a hub of traditional culture which can be explored while roaming through Himalayan towns and villages, that’s why adventurer prefer Himalaya.


Best adventurous places for trekking in Himalaya:

Valley of Flowers –



Wonderful nature, Source: Holidify


This beautiful world heritage site is located in the west of Himalaya in the state of Uttrakhand and is famous for amazing meadows which are too healthy in holding many varieties of flora and fauna. The valley has perfumed wild flowers, wild rose bushes and wild strawberries etc. in the tails which make the trekking more exciting.

Tips: Nearest Town is Joshimath which has direct road connection from Dehradun and Haridwar (Just 270 km away).

Best Time to Visit: July to September

Google Map Address for Valley of Flowers

Nanda Devi National Park for Trekking:


Nanda Devi trekking

The Beauty of the Nanda Devi, Source: Amar Shah Blog


Image result for nanda devi national park trekking

Amazing Landscapes in Nanda Devi Trek, Source:


This national park is spread in Chamoli district in the state of Uttrakhand and known for amazing trekking spots. The trek starts at Munsyari which is a base camp and head towards the depth of the park. Thousands of tourist prefer this trek due to its wilderness, natural beauty, convenience and amazing flora and fauna. There are many traditional villages such as Pachu, Burfu, Bugdyar and Lilam etc. found between the trek and making the trip richer with their unique cultures. This National park is declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Image result for nanda devi national park

Incredible Trek Zone, Source: Indiahikes


Tips: Nearest town to reach is Kathgodam which also has a railway station.

Best Time to Visit: July to October

Google Map Address for Nanda Devi National Park


Great Himalayan National Park –


Image result for great himalayan national park


This national park is also a World Heritage Site and situated in Kullu district in the state of Himachal Pradesh(INDIA). It is the centre of attraction for the natural beauty in the terms of flora and fauna and extraordinary significant biodiversity. This park is widely spread over 1100 sq. km in the region. The park is the home of more than 375 faunal species especially Snow leopard, Blue Sheep, Musk Deer, Himalayan Brown Bear and these can behold in the autumn(September to November). Scenic sensational beauty is the prime quality of the park that enchants everyone and builds the curiosity towards the Himalayas.


Image result for himalayan national park trekking

Lovely Trekking landscapes, Source: Malaysian Time



Only Memories will rise, Source: Holiday Travel


By Air-  In Kullu “Bhuntar” is the nearest airport and 2 hrs. drive distance from the airport to the Himalayan nati0nal park.

By Road- The shortest route is through Chandigarh, Bilaspur, Mandi, and then Banjar or Sainj, the two main entrances to the Park. (Delhi – Banjar, 12 hours).

Google map address of The Great Himalayan National Park.

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Roopkund Trek –


Image result for roopkund trek beauty trekking

The World Of Beauty @ Roopkund, Source: Aahvan Adventures


This is the most popular trekking site in the lands of Uttrakhand state, There is a very mysterious lake that is popularly known as the skeleton lake. It is a glacier lake situated at high altitude and surrounded by rock-strewn glaciers and snow clad mountains. The lake is shallow and its depth is approximate 2 meters only and its major reason for attraction is skeletons that are into the lake and can be seen easily when the snow melts. It is a very adventurous and blood-curdling trekking destination.



Enchanting adventure in Roopkund, Source: Adventure365 trekking

Ony Fun @Roopkund, Source: BMCindia



Best time to visit: May to November

Nearest Railway Station: Kathgodam (Here, you can lead towards Loharjung Base camp)

Google map address for Roopkund Lake.


Gangotri Trek –


Image result for gangotri trek


This site is situated in Uttarkashi district in the state of Uttarakhand. This is the most heart touching destination in north India and it is the place of origin of the holy river ‘The Ganges’. This place is the finest place to trek because several extreme challenging peaks ‘Meru’, ‘Thalay Sagar’, ‘Bhagirathi’, ‘Shivling’  covered with ice are there and they enchant every trekker to behold the inner beauty of the glacier. Gangotri is the traditional pilgrimage site for Hindus and according to the rituals, they bath in icy water to make their soul holy. There are more than 18 tributary glaciers of Gangotri glacier and they drain directly into it.



The Holy Ganges flowing in The Park,                       Source: Holdayiq


Image result for gangotri trek

Gangotri Nandavan Tapovan Trek Zone, Source: Tour My India


Related image trekking

Only Peace in Surroundings, Source: India Mike


Best time to visit: May To October

Google map address of Gangotri.


Markha Valley –



Beautiful Greenery, Source: Markhavalleytrek


The most spectacular, scenic valley is situated in the region of  Leh in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Makha valley trek is also known as ‘Tea House Trek’ and it is the cold desert of Ladakh the trekking site is in the Hemis national park and marvellous ranges of Zanskar, Stok Kangri peak, Kang Yissay and there are two pass crossings also Gandala La & Kongmaru La. Markha river adds tremendous serene view in the valley and landscape view of snowy peaks creates the poignant grace. This is the most visiting site in the Ladakh because accommodation, parachute tents and others travelling facilities are available here and it is the moderate level of difficulty in trekking. Buddhist villages and rocky canyons are the adorn of the place for travellers.



Only Scenic View, Source: Redchilliadventure



Best time to explore: May To September

Major Nearest City and Airport: Leh

Google Map Address for Markha Trek


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