Environmental Park, Gaya

Environmental Park is nestled in Gaya District of Bihar. The park is rich in natural beauty and peaceful environment.

It attracts people to spend the time peacefully in the lap of Nature.

There are many varieties of trees and birds are found here which make it more amazing and mesmerizing.

It’s an emerging place for tourism…

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Map address,84.96915643,133.53482161a,764.33501821d,35y,121.0362491h,60.00468212t,-0r/data=ClcaVRJNCiUweDM5ZjMyYjFiNmM2ZjcwZWQ6MHg2YWI3MzIxZGU2MzQ2NmNiGUs-4F_3wzhAIQEAAAAQPlVAKhJFbnZpcm9ubWVudGFsClBhcmsYAiABKAI

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