Best Time to Visit Chitwan National Park and Its Beauty

Chitwan Nation Park is situated in Terai zones of south-eastern Nepal. Chitwan is known for its dense forests and grassy plains with an incredible biodiversity. Thousands of visitors come here to see its natural views, flora, and fauna in the green forests and mesmerizing landscapes. The park is beautified with Rapti and  Narayani Rivers. It is spread in 932 km and is a World Heritage Site.
Best Time to Visit : September To April
Chitwan National park

A Home of Mighty Bengal Tiger, Source: Adventure Nation


Amazing Safari in the Chitwan National Park, Source: The Himalayan Times

The park has the large number of mammals like Bengal Tigar, Elephant, Rhino, Sloth Bear, Leopard, Honey Badger, Stripped Hyena, Deer, Jackal, and Fox etc. which are decorating the jungle safari. There also 543 birds species are found here like Kingfisher, Flycatcher,  Wild crows, Egret,  Bittern, Peacock, Parrot, Sparrow, and Stork etc., are beautifying the natural music in the jungle.
Image result for kingfisher in chitwan

Beautiful Kingfisher in the Park, Source: Myhimalaya


Best Places for Photography, Source: Chitwan Tourism

70% area of the park is covered with trees and other is spread with grasslands which are giving the natural shelter to the creatures which mean that it leads to a great vegetation. Rapti and Narayani Rivers are also providing homes to the crocodile,  fishes and other amphibians. Many incredible sightseeings are admired in every edge of this mighty park.

Big Grasslands Sheltorig Many Mammals, Source: Chitwan National Park Government

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Narayani River in Chitwan, Source: World Travel Server

People come every year to this park for having a memorable experience of safari and adventure to look its amazing flora and fauna wildly. Chitwan provides a great experience who come here inside this park. Elephant safari of this park is also famous across the world.
The national park has many traditional villages which increase the honey taste in the trips in terms of making travelers feel the ancient culture and friendly nature.
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Jungle Walk in this Park, Source: Chitwan Tourism

There are many resorts in this park which make this adventure more satisfactory. You can hail to this park directly and there are many tour guide and servers are available to give you the thundering wild experience. Apart from this, many wonders are hidden inside the park which can not explained until you come here to explore.
The best thing is that the park guarantee to repay you with some lifetaking memoories through its beauty and amazing biodiversity when you come here.
Are you coming?
To feel the true nature…

Mesmerizing Elephant Safari Fun in the River, Source: VSN Tour and Treks Nepal

Nearest Main Airport:           Kathmandu (The capital of Nepal)
Nearest Big City:                     Bharatpur
 Special Tips:                          Always carry Anti – Mosquito repellent as it is tropical zone.

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