Chatra Forest Range, Jharkhand

Chatra Forest Range is very rich in natural beauty and has very large land for wildlife perspectives.

There are many varieties of trees and birds are found here which make it more amazing and beautiful.

You should come here if you get a chance to witness its beauty.


Map address,85.17184511,633.20760133a,2275.11500736d,35y,0.00000001h,45.00838175t,-0r/data=CogBGoUBEn0KJDB4MzlmNGJlNzg2NzQ3ZGY5NToweDE4OGU2NWZiMjUxYWMwNxl2h4EFg843QCFbzdVczUpVQCpDQ2hhdHJhCkZvcmVzdCBSYW5nZQrgpJrgpKTgpLDgpL4K4KSr4KWJ4KSw4KWH4KS44KWN4KSfCuCksOClh-CkguCknBgCIAEoAg

Chatra Forest Range

Chatra Forest Range

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