Best Things to Do in Lucknow – Top Places to Visit

Best things to do in Lucknow include many wondering experiences and memories. Why so? Don’t forget that Lucknow is the city of Nawabs which definitely gives you an amazing taste of your traveling.
It is famous place for the travelers across the globe in regards to its Tahzeeb ( A Kind Behavior and Hospitality). In this ancient city,  the tourist are attracted with mesmerized wonders such as chicken cloth, Bada Imambara, Bhoolbhulaiya (labyrinth), Aminabad Traditional Market, Residency, City Museum (Inside city zoo) and Tunde Kababs etc.
Try it once, you surely love this city.
lucknow, best things to do in Lucknow

Exotic Imambara, Source: bigoadventures

Best Things to Do in Lucknow


Bada Imambara:

Asaf-ud-Daula who was a Nawab of Awadh built this identity of Lucknow. This amazing monument has incredible architecture, gardens, big doors including Rumi Gate, mosque, Gomti river front and panoramic view. The beauty of Imambada is the key reason to attract thousands of visitors across the globe.


Best things to do in Lucknow

Beautiful Glimpse of Imambara, Source: Main Huan Musafir

Bhoolbhulaiya (Labyrinth):
Rocking beauty! It is inside in the Bada Imambada premises which has thundering experience. You should explore this place for the fun. Never miss it out, you will not get this memory else.
Image result for bhool bhulaiya lucknow, Best things to do in Lucknow

A Glimpse of Bhoolbhulaiya

Aminabad Traditional Market:
Lucknow has luckily a market like Aminabad where you can have traditional garment products, ornaments, fancy dresses, and handicraft products. Chikan apparel products are world known because of its exclusive comfort, design, material and exotic view which is available for men and women both.
Grab one!
Image result for Aminabad. Best things to do in Lucknow

Amazing small shot of the market

Tunday Kabab:
It is a Awadhi cuisine made of secret spices, minced buffalo meat, and other exotic flavors. This dish is a really wow! experience. Don’t miss that, this shop is in Aminabad Traditional Market, Lucknow.
Only in Lucknow! Come and get one tasty plate of Tunday Kabab. Best things to do in Lucknow

Delicious Tunday Kabab in Aminabad Lucknow, Source: Food N Review

Prakash Ki Kulfi (One of the Best Things to Do in Lucknow)
This shop is also inside in Aminabad Traditional Market. It is a sweet cold dish and has its own exclusive sweet taste. Honestly again wow experience… , Best things to do in Lucknow

Famous Kulfiwala in Aminabad

This monument is a British Residency Complex which has several ruined buildings in a common precinct in Lucknow. This complex really recalls the beauty of British empire.

Ruins of Residency

Best things to do in Lucknow

Sir Henry Lawrence Memorial

City Museum:
The city Zoo houses this museum which is also amazing place to see in Lucknow. In the museum, many historical items are ready to tell you the history. A Egyptian Mummy is also open to explore there.
Image result for lucknow museum

An 3000 years old Egyptian Mummy, Source: Indian Tourist Blog

Janeshwar Mishra Park:
This mighty park is one of the Asia’s largest park situated in Lucknow. This exotic park has beautiful gardens, fountains, lakes, footpaths, and incredible flora and fauna. This park is situated in the riverbanks of Gomti river. Here, it gives you one of the best things to do in Lucknow.
Image result for janeshwar mishra park, Best things to do in Lucknow

Incredible Park! Source:

Image result for janeshwar mishra park
Ambedkar Memorial Park:
This is also an amazing park locating in the city of Lucknow. The park has spread in many acres and made with beautiful marbles. Giant elephant idols and exotic architecture are attracting thousands of visitors.
Lucknow beauty

Beautiful Park made of marbles

Longer Corridors with beauty

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There are a lot more in this magical city where travelers come here to enjoy the Awadh-e-Tehzeeb. People cherish the behavior of the Awadh which is the momento of the city. The Mango City of the world “Malihabad”  is also a part of Lucknow which provides various type of Mangoes to the globe which also a great wish by the travelers.
Related image Best things to do in Lucknow

Most Delicious Mango “Deshehari”

If you are planning to visit to India, you should come to this beautiful city.  It gives you a lifetime memory and makes you feel a satisfaction of being a true traveler.
It is waiting for you… There are many more best things to do in Lucknow.

Tips to reach Lucknow

Airport: Lucknow International Airport

Google Map Address for the city of Nawabs

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