Adventure Tourism in Himalayan Region

Adventure Travel is the best tourism in the Himalayas in Asia. The mountains have thousand of valleys which are either explored or still in explorations. But some of them have separate beauty stories which paste beautiful memories on the lives. These amazing world of valleys are world known in terms of their holistic attractions in surroundings. Here are some incredible places are listed which refund some great memories if anyone goes there.



Himalayan Beauty, Source: Himalayanmountaintreks

The Himalayas is Made for the Wolrd of Adventure –


1. Nanda Devi Valley – Only Beauty

Nanda Devi Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Himalayan region. it is situated in Chamoli District in the state of Uttrakhand, India. It has known for its natural beauty and bigger mesmerizing mountains. People prefer Nanda Devi Summit when they seek to do trekking, mountaineering, and camping in Himalayan mountains. It is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 1988.



Beautiful Landscapes in the Valley     Source: Indiahikes


Nanda Devi Valley has unique flora and fauna which attracts thousands every year. There are some mammals such as snow leopard, blue sheep, musk deer, mountain deer, black bear, brown bear,  langurs (monkey), wolf and fox etc are found in the good population. The vegetation of the valley is too beautiful which is spread in miles in the national park. There are 114 bird species, are found in the Nanda Devi Valley.


Image result for nanda devi national park animals

Roaming Leopard Source: NRDC


Spotted Deer Source: Pinterest


Beautiful Wild Bird Source: Inside India Jungle


This valley attracts trekkers from the globe. Trekking season starts here in the pre-monsoon season which starts from April to October. In this time, people can do trekking and climbing here and can enjoy the beauty of Nanda Devi region especially, the valley of flowers which is near to Nanda Devi Summit.


Valley of Flower – Nanda Devi Source: Tata Cliq



There are many tour planners in Chamoli District who provide full trekking and climbing services including meal and documentations for security and safety purpose. People can also find many resorts where they can go and take services directly.


Source: Nanda Devi Trek


So if you visit the Himalayas and looking for trekking and climbing. Do come in Nanda Devi Valley for a lifetime memory. It is waiting…

Best Time to Visit- April To October

Nearest Airport: Dehradun Airport

Google Map Address for Beautiful Nanda Devi Valley

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2. Banjar Valley – Amazing Adventure in Jibhi and Shojha

Banjar Valley is one of the most attracted places for the trekkers and hill station lovers. It is completely new place in terms of global tourism. It is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. Jibhi and Shojha are known for their natural beauty, spectacular landscapes, architecture, forests, cottages, and traditional culture.



Natural Beauty of Jibhi, Source: Holidaytravel


Image result for jibhi camp

Mesmerizing Meadows, Source: Thrillophilia

The panoramic view of Jibhi indulges the beauty of the real Himalayan region. The incredible green forests make the landscapes more beautiful and refreshing, especially Deodar, Oak and Pine trees around the mountains hold catching strength to the thousands. The flora and fauna are mesmerizing here which can be seen and adored easily everywhere. The mist always refreshes to the breathes deeply, Loving one Ah!



Trekking Routes via Forest, Source: Thinkingparticle



Incredible Sorroundings, Source: Myriadtrails Adventure

Jibhi Waterfall – An Amazing Place to Take Natural Shower, Source: Myriadtrails


There are many trekking zones in Jibhi. It is the heaven for trekkers because in 360 degrees you can go. Some are like Jalori Pass, Shoja Village Trek, Chaini Fort Trek and Sharingi Bagi Trek etc. are one of them which provides an amazing experience. Some ancestral monuments sites increase the views of traditional culture.



Image result for jalori pass jibhi shojha adventure

Trekking World – Jalori Pass – Shojha – Jibhi, Source: Holidify

Traditional culture can be seen in the villages of Jibhi, one of them is Chaini which has much traditional architecture based guest houses and cottages, similar to its other villages. Many wooden cum storeys in Pahadi (Mountain) Style gives not only the magical views of the valley but also make the traveler feel a rich culture with mouth watering cuisines. Refreshing air surrounds everywhere which is its exclusive beauty.


Image result for jalori pass shoja newlyplace

Himalayan Village – The Beauty Hub, Outlooktraveller


There are many tour planners in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Jibhi and Kullu-Manali which make the journey more comfortable and memorable with depth experience. You can also plan through some top affordable tour websites.


National Highway – NH 21 (Chandigarh – Manali Highway)

Nearest Airport –  Kullu – Manali Airport, Bhuntar (49 km away from Jibhi)

Nearest Bus Stop –  Aut Bus Stop Via Kullu – Manali

Best Time To Visit – Summer and Winter

To Do – Trekking, Hiking, Camping and Adventure in the World of Jibhi and Nearby.

Google Map Address

3. Rishop – An Adventure for Privacy

Rishop or Rishyap is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the Himalayan region. It is 28 km away from Darjeeling in West Bengal. It is known for snow-capped mountains which give an incredible breathtaking background and views. Kanchenjunga mountain region attracts thousands of landscape lovers towards this natural place.  It is also known as Rishyap.


Kanchenjunga Mountain Region – The Beauty Source: Tripadvisor


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The deep silent forest of Pine, Birch, Fir, colorful rhododendrons and Orchids enhances the beauty of the hill station. Rishop’s flora and fauna give mind blowing experience to the travelers when they prefer to trek in Neora Valley National Park (Sikkim) and Tiffindara and nearby.


Rishop’s Natural Beauty, Source: Holidayiq


Dense Forest Nearby, Source: Bongodorshan


Travelers can also get more mesmerized after seeing great parts of Nathu La and Jalep La. It’s natural views across all directions fulfill the elixir in the adventure. Sports events like trekking, hiking, and camping mesmerize the breathtaking experience.


A Home of Couple Source: Snowkingmountain


There are many resorts near Lava and Rishop which provide the great experience. They also have some incredible Indian and Bengali cuisines which make better taste in the journey. Many tour planners also organize the trips and help the traveler in making the trip easier. Rishop has a traditional Himalayan culture which indulges many secrets inside itself.


Amazing Landscapes, Source: East Himalayan Tour


If you plan to enjoy a perfect picnic place, so you should prioritize to the amazing place which will give you a lifetime memory.


The Nearest Bus Stand – Lava

The Nearest Major City – Siliguri

The Nearest Airport – Bagdogra

The Nearest Railway Station – New Jalpaiguri

Google Map Address for Mesmerizing Rishop


4. Kailash Mansarovar – An Adventure for Holiness

Himalayas mountain range has many lakes, valleys and hill stations where the tourist from the globe come here and make a lifetime memory. Kailash Mansarovar is chosen when it comes to visiting the Himalayas in terms of spiritual peace. A truly incredible place…



Holy Lake Source: IndiaMart


Kailash Mansarovar is one of the most desired destinations in the Himalayas. It is known for its peace and beauty which refresh the life. It is situated at Tibetan Plateau. There is two way to go Mount Kailash. 1. Through Uttrakhand (India) and 2. Through Sikkim (Via India and China). The adventure takes almost 25 days but gives you a lifetime achievement which will remember throughout the life.



Uttrakhand Route Via thundering beauty of Himalaya


Sikkim – Nathula Route via Beautiful Landscapes, Source: istock


The journey also includes many beautiful locations that come along with the adventure. Trekking lovers should choose Uttrakhand route as it also indulges trekking during the trip, goes to Himalayas Mountains with beautiful villages, natural backgrounds, and traditional people. Its flora and fauna are incredible while passing this Uttrakhand route. The real beauty of Himalayas will beautify your journey.


Memorable Trekking Experience, Source: Himalayam Hermits


Kailash Mansarovar is famous for Lord Shiva and for its vast lake. Its natural landscapes mesmerize the trip more. In the morning, when the sun rises in the sky, you will see a great moment which colors the surrounding in golden color.


Source: Himalayan glory Travels


There are many tour planners who provide all services including itinerary and documentation. Hailing with tour planners, it makes a more comfortable journey. Both routes have some resort. Sikkim route has more but at Uttrakhand route, you will be having tradition resort which makes you feel the real tradition of the deep mountains.


So If you choose a trip in the Himalayas. Prefer Kailash Mansarovar Journey – A Journey To Remember!!!


5. Darjeeling – A Land of Gardens and Landscapes

Darjeeling is one of the best places in India chosen by the thousand tourists across the world. It has incredible natural beauty and hill stations which make us wonder it by doing its adventure. It is situated in Lesser Himalayas in Upper West Bengal Zone. Darjeeling is also known for its tea industry. Adventure

Beautiful Darjeeling, Source: The Gorkha


Darjeeling is nestled with Mt Kanchenjunga which flourish mind-blowing backgrounds views. Its flora and fauna mesmerize the scenes of the hill. The beauty is enhanced by fauna such as sal, oak, semi-evergreen, temperate and alpine forests. The rare orchids are also found in these hills. This flora conserves fauna species like ducks, teals, plovers and gulls,  civets, mongooses, and badgers. In Darjeeling, red pandas are also conserved in the zoo park.



Amazing Greenery in the surroundings, Source: Travelchacha


Travelers visit Darjeeling to get lost in its amazing beauty and peace. Here, the world heritage site Darjeeling Himalayan Railway attracts thousands and allow them to conserve a lifetime memory. The hills are more beatified by the tea gardens, where many hills are spread in tea plants.


Image result for darjeeling tourism

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – A World Heritage


The Amazing Tea Gardens, Source: Bharatonline


There are many tour planners which help in wondering the beauty of Darjeeling. They also serve in the adveture of trekking fun. You can directly pitch there and book hotels and resorts. The best time to visit the hill is between March to Mid-June and October to December. Darjeeling is known for a great diversity in culture and cuisine.


Incredible Temple,                                                                       Source: Native Planet


A land of Beauty                                                      Source: Tourmyindia


The amazing place of the Himalayas is waiting for making in a lifetime memory. It is waiting…

Nearest Airport – Bagdogra

Nearest Railway Station – Darjeeling

Google Map Address for Darjeeling

So you have gone through with some mesmerizing places for memorable adventures. You must visit once in the life…


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